This product candidate targets the BJI market reaching 1.6 Bn€ in 2016.


An innovative prolonged-release form of daptomycin

  • Prevention and cure of Bone and Joint Infections
  • An innovative 3-step release system
  • All excipients GRAS/FDA approved materials
  • Single application is more efficacious than 4 days i.v. administrations of free DAP
  • Activity still observed after 14 days
  • Product candidate available for out-licensing

This product candidate is currently under preclinical development. Several in vivo proof-of-concepts in rodents have been successfully obtained.

Solugel-Dap - solugel- Carlina technologies - An innovative prolonged-release form of daptomycin

Mechanism of action

The polymeric hydrogel contains both daptomycin-loaded SOLUDOTS and free daptomycin. This composition provides a 3-step release allowing immediate, intermediate and prolonged release of the antibiotic from a single formulation.

solugel- Carlina technologies - Mechanisms of release of encapsulated daptomycin
SOLUDOTS hydrogel of daptomycin
Release of daptomycin from the SOLUGEL

1 : Daptomycin release from the gel
2 : Daptomycin release from SOLUDOTS, then from the gel
3 : SOLUDOTS release from the gel, then daptomycin from SOLUDOTS

This product candidate is being developed in collaboration with ATLANGRAM, a preclinical Contract Research Organisation specializing in efficacy testing of antimicrobials

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