Oily core-based lipid nanoparticles mimicking lipoproteins
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  • Versatile system
  • Mostly composed of natural excipients / solvent free process
  • Straightforward & cost-effective production
A safe controlled-delivery system for passive targeting of poorly water-soluble drugs

SOLUDOTS Technology

Innovative lipid nanocapsules

SOLUDOTS are lipid nanocapsules that have been designed to mimic natural lipoproteins in order to fulfil the criteria of biocompatibility and capability to solubilize and transport poorly water-soluble compounds. They are formed of capsules with a liquid oily core made of triglycerides into which the hydrophobic (i.e. not soluble or poorly soluble in water) active agents are incorporated. The particle inner core is stabilized by a semi-solid lipid membrane made of lecithin and polyethylene glycol hydroxystearate taking the role of apoproteins.

SOLUDOTS nanoparticles are uniform in size. The particle diameter can be tuned from 20 to 200 nm in mean diameter depending on the relative ratio between excipients used in the formulation.
In addition to their small size and specific composition making them biocompatible, the presence of small PEG chains at their surface provides other interesting properties including improved stability and prolonged circulation time in blood.

Chemically modification can be done to attach specific ligands at the particle surface for active targeting purposes. SOLUDOTS also inhibits the activity of glycoprotein P, responsible for drug-resistance phenomena.

Technological innovation of the SOLUDOTS platform is not only coming from their properties and characteristics, but also from their method of preparation. The patented manufacturing process is based on a simple emulsion inversion-phase induced by a temperature cycle change cycles. This process is simple, robust and does not require the use of organic solvents. It is easily transposable to industrial scale production.

Straightforward manufacturing process based on original patented
“Inversion Phase Temperature” method
formulation SOLUDOTS besher fr
  • No solvent used
  • Homogeneous particle size

Initially designed to transport hydrophobic active substances, several variations of the particles also allow the encapsulation of amphiphilic and hydrophilic active substances.

This drug delivery system can be modified by grafting positively charged polymers at the particle surface thereby allowing SOLUDOTS to be efficiently associated with nucleic acid-based medicines including siRNA, which can thereby be delivered to target cells.

Because of their small size, sterilization by filtration can be used.

Although colloidal stability in suspension is extremally high, SOLUDOTS can be easily lyophilized and reconstituted in solution to prevent potential drug retention issues upon prolonged storage.

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