The world cancer-treating drugs market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.6% in the 2020-2027 forecast period. The market reached $102bn in 2016,


An improved version of the anticancer product Taxol™

  • Cremophor-free product
  • Shows improved antitumor activity over Taxol™ in human lung and ovary cancer models in mice
  • Preclinical safety evaluation antitumor in mice and rats have show that SOLUDOTS-PTX is 10-fold less toxic than Taxol™
  • SOLUDOTS-PTX is well tolerated in dogs at equivalent Taxol™ clinical dose used un humans without premedication
  • Mechanism of action based on passive targeting following intravenous administration
  • Product candidate availlable for out-licensing

This product candidate is currently under preclinical development. Several in vivo proof-of-concepts in rodents and non-rodents species have been successfully obtained.

soludots paclitaxel - Carlina Technologies - An improved version of the anticancer product Taxol™
SOLUDOTS-Paclitaxel - Carlina technologies - anticancer - development - An improved versionSOLUDOTS-Paclitaxel - Carlina technologies - An improved version of the anticancer product Taxol™ of the anticancer product Taxol™ - Soludots Technology - Carlina Technologies - nanoencapsulation

Mechanism of action

Upon intravenous administration SOLUDOTS are stable and small enough to circulate in the blood stream for sufficient periods of time allowing them to extravasate from the tumor-associated blood vessels through their fenestrations therefore reaching solid tumors. Such phenomenon is known as passive targeting or enhanced permetion and retention effect.

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