Over the next 15 years, the WHO predicts that worldwide insulin sales will grow from US$12B to US$54B, doubling in the US, tripling in the EU, and expending 12 fold in the ROW. In 2030, diabetes patients will represent more than 10% of the whole world population (500 million people).


A long-acting insulin through prolonged release

  • A prolonged realease formulation of insulin for subcutaneous administration
  • GRAS and FDA approved excipients and polymers used
  • Shows improved pharmacodynamics together with a 6-fold increase in duration of action over non-formulated insulin in rats
  • Shows increased duration of action over long-acting insulin product Lantus® in rats
  • Product candidate available for out-licensing

This product candidate is currently in preclinical development. First in vivo proof-of-concepts in rats have been successfully obtained.

Peptidots insulin - Carlina Technologies - A long-acting insulin through prolonged release

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