Olivier Meyer is awarded by the French Ministry of Research and becomes national laureate for the creation and development of innovative technology companies

 CARLINA is founded by Olivier Meyer and Pr. Jean-Pierre Benoit (University of Angers)

 CARLINA Technologies is incorporated


The company acquires from French Academic Institutions a worldwide exclusive license on a patent portfolio covering two innovative controlled-release drug delivery platforms

CARLINA Technologies receives the Young Innovative Company status (Jeune Entreprise Innovante « JEI »)


Successful first round of financing completed from national VCs in equity and subsidies from national and regional public institutions

The company received the accreditation for R&D tax credit (Crédit d’Impôt Recherche, CIR) by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research


Succcesful second round of financing completed

Significant positive preclinical proof-of-concept data are obtained that further validate the efficacy and safety of its nanomedicines candidates


The company extends its CRO activity at an international level including through a collacoration agreement with a US mid-pharma
CARLINA extends its IP prortfolio by applying its first 100% owned patent
Partnership agreement signed with a biotech company for the development of sustained-release forms of antibiotics


New positive preclinical results generated strengthening the proof-of-concept of sustained release forms of therapeutic proteins


New capital increase from successful crowdfunding campaign

Collaboration agreement signed with australian mid-pharma and several european biotech companies


CARLINA welcomes new outsanding R&D collaborators in its team


After using a dual biotech/CRO business model, CARLINA now focuses on its contract service activity with out-licensing opportunities